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How to Get Your Clients to Pay Faster

Freelancers love to extol the benefits of entrepreneurship to anyone who will listen. There are plenty of reasons to love working as a freelance writer. “You get to work from home in your pyjamas!” is one of my favorite selling points, for example.

Of course, freelance writing isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Working as a writer is a real job and it comes with plenty of unique challenges traditional nine-to-five workers don’t experience. One such challenge comes when you need to get clients to pay your invoices.

In a “normal” job, paychecks are deposited into your bank account twice a month. For small business owners like freelance writers, cash flow can be a real headache. This struggle is particularly painful for freelancers just starting out, but even established writers often grapple with the ongoing nightmare of collecting earnings on time.

If you’re struggling to bridge the gap between invoice payments, consider the following tips for getting your clients to pay you faster.

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